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Empower PT is a privately owned facility established in 2015 by Alyssa Stewart. We are committed to providing you with the highest level of care to achieve your optimal movement health. All clients are thoroughly assessed to ensure your individual needs are met and to maintain safety. Our goal is to give you the tools you need to find your strongest and most empowered self! 

Our Services

Physical Therapy

All sessions are one-on-one and in a private setting. Our mission is to transition you from physical therapy to physical freedom!

Personal Training

Individual training with a foundation in corrective exercise. Improve your fitness and movement quality each session!

Group Classes

Adult classes are limited in size to ensure each client receives the individual attention they need. All classes are based on functional mobility and strength. 


Private, duo, or small group classes led by one of our certified pilates instructors. Mixed equipment: mat, reformer, tower, chair, and barrel. 

Massage Therapy

Therapeutic South Indian Barefoot Massage used to enhance performance, flexibility, and recovery for competitive athletes. 

Private – Individualized – Effective – Fun 

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